June 28, 2023

Here is a story about my Model Y

Hello everyone.

If you are from Tesla team, please look up for email's with refid: CI00AFAED1. Or contact me by email: n.podelenko@gmail.com

TLDR: My car has true clean title, but Tesla blocked it (and claimed it is salvage) by automatic system which uses NMVTIS database. It's so hard to communicate with support, so i looking for help.

I love Tesla very much, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Here is a story about my Tesla Model Y 2021 Long Range with "salvage title" by Tesla.

My name is Nikita and I just moved into the United States in May 2023. Before US, I have a Tesla Model 3 (P) in Europe for past two years and been happy owner with great experience with my car. When I moved, I decided to stay in love with Tesla and look for Model Y for my family.

On beginning of June I found a car in Huntington Beach (CA) dealer - it's been Model Y with 24k miles. It has been a great car with a small incident in a history.

A few weeks before my discovery, this dealer bought this car on auction IAAI in North Hollywood. The car was sold by Tesla because it has been leased and insured by Tesla before, previous owner was an older person who love his car and care about it inside and outside (I found a few documents about this inside a car).

This is a photo of all damage been on the car. Car has only one owner, car always been in California, car been leased and insured by Tesla.

So, when car been brought to dealer in Huntington Beach, the dent has been fixed and car was placed on selling.

My deal happenend on 13 of June. As a new in US, I need to build my credit history, so I decided to use the loan by bank. Of course, I can not to do this in Carmax or similar company - my credit rating is not existing yet, and my driver experience (in US license) is a few days and still looks like paper.

Dealer sold my this car as clean/clear title. I have seen an original title (I hold it in hands, it's original, and it's clean), I have seen a lot of reports like AutoCheck, Carfax and other similar websites. All says - it's clean with minor accident. I decided to buy this car. Dealer promise me Tesla warranty and clean title.

On the next day I got my car on my Tesla account and realize - all warranty been expired.

How it has been looks on my first time access at Tesla App on this car.

After few calls to Tesla - I got it, they claimed my car is - Salvage. I have been shocked, they said I will lose my Supercharger access in a few days. And it's happens in 6 days after deal (without any notifications).

On phone sessions with Tesla - I sent them a lot of documents. For example: clean title, AutoCheck report, CARFAX report, my full coverage insurance in California (can't be issued for Salvage car), photos of car from Auction, photos and all what I have.

Today I have a DMV registration (without any salvage information) on my name, clean title copy and much other information sources. I have send it a little bit later using my refid in title, maybe they add it to my case/ticket.

And now after two weeks of first contact - they still have no any answer on my case.

Week ago all my warranty page been fully cleared, and now I don't have any records on this page on the website or in the app. Like it been never before. Even expired.

How it looks from my side:

1) Tesla place his own car on auction

2) Auction reports to NMVTIS database the records of this VIN number.

Based on report I got from dealer (which been generated on day of auction - 3 May), this information delayed and appear on reports after week or few after it been reported. Because of in older report (but after "date obtained") it missed.
Screenshot from IAAI website. It's clear says - "VEHICLES SOLD WITH A CLEAR TITLE MAY APPEAR AS “JUNK/SALVAGE” IN SUBSEQUENT REPORTS DUE TO NMVTIS REPORTING". And this leads to the final conclusion that Tesla simply took extra precautions and decided to act preemptively without further analysis.

3) Tesla sold this car to my dealer, and they fix this dent.

4) I bought this car in Huntington Beach on 13 of June.

5) Tesla automatically updates information from this database and blacklisted this VIN number because of this report - void all warranties, disabling supercharger access.

What did I learn from this situation?

1) When you buy cars in the USA, not trust CARFAX and other sources - lookup into NVMTS database directly. You can do it free here: https://www.carsforsale.com/free-vehicle-history-reports

2) Always check Tesla App for warranty info before buying if owner can show it to you (If they can't - it's not the best car to choose from)

What questions I have now:

1) Why Tesla-insured car been sold on IAAI?

2) Do Tesla has any evidence of serious damage? Or someone gets a new car after this little incident?

3) How to talk with real person response for these decisions? I tried to send emails to Tesla Leasing, Finance and other departments. No response for weeks.

4) Why Tesla recognize IAAI report as a salvage title?

Can I blame dealer for this situation?

I'm not sure, because I'm in the US literally one month and not familiar with lemon law. Only one thing they said, and it was wrong:

Screenshot from original car lot on dealer website

Yes, car still has clean title, one owner before me, but not the manufacturer warranties... I believe, this can be fixed by Tesla, they need just review all details.

Please, help me resolve this situation. If you known someone in Tesla or someone who can help me get answer, please contact me by email: n.podelenko@gmail.com